June 1, 2021

Great creative makes business sense

By Allen Ford

We all get it. 
Consider the following statement:

When the strategy and creative is on point, the agency has done its job of bringing the client to a happy place, because great creative that gets attention and delivers the right message because of the right strategy will always deliver results. To get there though, there is a waypoint that is often missed: creating a culture of creativity

I am four weeks into my start at Xactly (and two decades into my career) and I say without hesitation this place is special.  Working here is like having paramedics hook up the paddles of inspiration. CLEAR!

There is indeed a culture of creativity here. 

Yes, the donuts from Mavericks, arcade games, stereo and LPs are a boost. But the real fuel is that which makes all special creative relationships specialcollaboration, communication, and contribution. Look under the hood here and you’ll see a creative engine humming along because ALL voices are heard, respected and encouraged. 

And just as in most areas of life, when folks are heard, respected and encouraged, great stuff usually happens.  

When it happens at an agency it means details matter. It means folks aren’t just punching the clock and looking to get the approval of the fossil in the turtleneck. It means folks truly are inspired to do their best work.

For the agency and client…that makes good business sense.