December 13, 2022

Crushed creative to evolution of craft

By Vito La Giorgia

This idea is perfect

The client is going to love it.  

Let’s show the director our creative.

The director says, “Hmm, ya, I see what you were trying to do, I get the ad, but I think we (read: you) can think of something else so I can compare the two concepts.”

Think of something else?  Something else! You don’t think I thought of other things? That’s how we got here, by thinking of all types of things. But this is it. This idea and the execution are solid. It has the three c’s: captivating, clear, clever, it has it all! Why are we wasting so much time drowning in minutia? Why are there always ten different opinions on the smallest detail? I’m sick of it! 

Conquer Discouraged

The best strategy, the best idea, and the best creative will not always win or win right away.  

Don’t become a casualty in the pursuit towards “perfection” or hold back your best creative work because you died too many times on too many hills and think you can’t handle it anymore. Don’t die. Live. Conquer the feeling of being discouraged and live to fight another day. You might be one detail away from re-showing your boss and getting their approval. 

A Quick Tip

Show people your work. 

Come up for air and let others have a look. Let your work (strategy, copy, design, etc.) breathe in the environment of bright and creative people. Chances are someone will notice something that will lead to a moment of clarity, and your work will become “perfect,” or at least approved. Once you get approval, go forth and continue to conquer new projects. 

Also, maybe your idea just sucks, it‘s possible. Perhaps it sucks, but there’s something in there, one “seed” that’s just not “planted” in the right creative terre-itory. It’s okay, bank all your idea seeds and give the Svalbard a run for their money. More often than not, your idea seed will see the light of day on a future project.

Remember, corporate marketing and creative agencies are an emotional battlefield, and your battle scars will come in handy one day if you endure. More so, surviving battles will lead to the evolution of you and your craft, and your battle scars will lead to colleagues respecting you.


Vito La Giorgia , Copy Director

Vito is passionate about excellent copy. His strategy and storytelling skills help brands stand out and connect with their audience.