October 19, 2023

Build stronger brand messaging in 10 minutes. ⌚

By Anna Williams

    Want to create lasting connections with your audience?

    Uncover your most impactful messaging opportunities with these exercises using proven strategies.

    📝 Outline your brand story, key messages, and messaging priorities
    ✉️ When you’re happy with your answers, reach out to take them to the next level!

    Let’s get started!

    Build your brand story with the Golden Circle of Storytelling.

    Use this framework based on psychology to create an emotional connection with your audience. It’s not about tricking them — it’s about bringing out authenticity that’s already there. Just answer the three questions below:

    * Keep it simple!


    Using the Golden Circle, you’ve just outlined a brand story that:

    👑 Showcases your company’s enduring value, from past to future.

    🥞 Explains the Why, How, and What of your work.

    🌞 Uses a structure proven to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

    Now it's time for Exercise 2!


    Discover your messaging priorities

    Identify the most impactful opportunities for your next messaging strategy. Consider any of the problems at work that come back like bad pennies, and answer the questions below.

    Do they relate to:

    Lead generationLead nurturingCustomer serviceEmployee on-boardingEmployee retentionInternal communicationReaching the right audiences

    A bottom line as high as the eye can see!Internal processes that work like a well-oiled machineHappy customers that keep coming backFor my company to make a difference through its missionFor my team to grow and reach their potential

    Our competitors are killing it!We’re more fast paced than our marketingWe’re reaching the wrong people — or not enoughOur customers are confused or unhappyWe have a long sales cycle, and we lose leads partway throughNot enough pep in our step (purpose, morale, and retention are ½ pep at best)

    Challenge 2 is done! 🎊

    Were the questions and results what you expected?

    It can be hard to separate a business problem from marketing and communications. Things like keeping your team on the same page and losing partially nurtured leads aren’t just HR and Sales concerns. If any communications are impacting your business, they’re business priorities — with messaging solutions.

    Onto the final exercise!


    Uncover your key messages.

    Think of your company’s ideal audience as you fill in the blanks below — and try not to overthink it!




    And finally…


    You’ve unlocked three key messages!

    Did you notice a theme?

    Every key message should keep your audience and their goals in mind.

    While some messages are (and should be) about you, remember to keep in mind who you’re talking to — and why. Often, it’s not about changing what you say, but the lens you present it through.

    Keep your audience as the guiding light of your messaging, and you’ll never go wrong.💡


    By doing these exercises, you’ve made your brand messaging stronger. 💪

    Now that you’ve outlined your brand story, highest-value messaging priorities, and key messages, what’s next? We recommend:

    ✍️ Refining your messages with your brand voice and tone.
    📈 Creating a strategy to make the most of them across channels.
    🔍 Using your messaging priorities as jumping-off points for new key messages!

    Until then, it’s time to send yourself your final answers (or email them to us if you have any questions)!

    We’re always happy to help, and don’t hesitate to reach out below. Great work! 🙌