Getit Local


In the fiercely competitive food delivery app space, Getit Local emerged as a David amidst Goliaths. Initially, their focus was on local eats, but over time, they evolved into a multifaceted platform offering much more. However, the essence of their local appeal remained valuable. The opportunity was evident: to leverage their local charm and stand out in a market dominated by giants. Getit needed to find a way to attract users and provide compelling reasons for choosing them over industry leaders.


Our solution was to embrace Getit’s local charm and infuse it with a friendly feel. We focused on their key differentiators, highlighting the aspects that set them apart from the industry giants. By combining their local appeal with these differentiators, we crafted a brand identity that resonated with audiences. This approach ensured that choosing Getit was not just a choice; it was a preference.


The results of our collaboration with Getit Local were remarkable. They successfully rebranded themselves, blending their local charm with a friendly feel and highlighting their unique selling points. This transformation enabled them to not only stand shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants but also to rise above them. Users now recognize Getit as a reliable and compelling choice, celebrating the value of local vibes and personalized service in a crowded market.

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