September 29, 2022

A look behind our brand videos in 2022

By Ari Amraee

We had the pleasure of working on some really cool video projects this summer! In this vlog Ari, our photographer & videographer, highlights some of our favourite behind the scenes shots. From confetti to yoga in the park, we had a lot of fun bringing all of our ideas to life!


Ari Amraee, Videographer + Photographer

With 10 years of freelance video/photo editing experience under his belt, our videographer and photographer Ari brings both the passion and skill necessary for every project that comes his way. His love for photography began when he purchased his very first camera which turned into a true talent and eye for conceptual/brand product videography/photography. In his spare time you can find Ari tapping into his musical side and either producing his own music or teaching music production to students online!